High ROI Advertising and Marketing Communications

Last week, I wrote about getting your advertising or marketing communication program off on the right foot (Advertising and Marketing Communications:  Why Bother?)   The first steps build a solid rationale and business goal by clearly defining:

> The business benefits and advantages that your ad or mar-comm program will create

> The actions that you want people to take, so that you achieve the business goal of your communication.

Today, we’ll explore how to put together an ad or mar-comm program that creates great value for your business.

Once you’ve decided what actions you want people to take – buy more of your services, recognize and appreciate the environmental benefits of your product, learn more about your new company or offerings – you need to figure out:

1. WHO are the key people who must see – and be motivated by – your ad or mar-comm piece?  Who , exactly, is your intended audience?

Sometimes the right answer isn’t so obvious.  Going beyond your direct customers – by reaching out to people who don’t already buy from you, or to the people who influence your customers’ buying decisions – is often the best route to selling more of your stuff.  Or, a piece educating consumer advocates, ‘green’ bloggers, and the environmental science community may be the best strategy for enhancing your reputation for environmentally friendly products and services.    

A little marketing research – talking with your customers (and especially with the people who have chosen NOT to buy from you), suppliers, community leaders, etc – can help you identify who influences customers’ decisions to spend their money with you – or with your competitor. 

“Influence the influencers, and the $$$ will flow to you.”

2. WHERE are they most likely to encounter – and to respond to – your message?  What is the best communication vehicle to give your piece maximum visibility and credibility among your target audience?

You probably have a pretty good idea of how to get your message in front of your direct customers. But it’s not so obvious if you need to reach people who’ve never heard of your company or seen your products.  Or, what if you want to introduce your new environmentally friendly offering to ‘green’ bloggers, consumer advocates, or regulatory scientists? 

The key question:  Where does your target audience turn for the sort of information your message will convey?  Those sources might be totally distinct from the communications vehicles you and your competitors traditionally use to reach your customers.

A bit more marketing research, building a profile of the groups that influence your customers’ buying decisions, will help you identify where they turn for information – and where your should invest your communications $$$.  

“Get your message in front of your intended audience.

Don’t expect them to search for you.”

3. WHAT is the critical content of your message – and how should it be presented – to cement the attention of your intended audience and motivate them to act?

Facts and figures, graphics, and your call-to-action are the heart of your message, but the impressions and emotions that their presentation creates are its soul.  Make sure that the tone of your message – its ‘look and feel’ – match the intent of your message – and the expectations and sensibilities of your intended audience.

Again, some marketing research will sharpen the focus and the appeal of your message, bringing you more ‘bang for your communications buck’.

“Make communicating easy – match message and medium to your audience.”

Knitted all together, these 5 steps will assure that your investment in advertising and marketing communication will earn you a healthy ROI.

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You can accomplish important marketing research yourself.  If you need help tackling bigger, more complex questions, or if you simply need an ‘extra pair of hands’ to help out with some marketing tasks, consider an independent business consultant like Marketing Intelligence & Strategy Assoc.  (512 769-2030 or bob@market-intel.com)

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