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Vampire Marketing – Part I

‘Vampire’ marketers are sucking the lifeblood out of more and more traditional businesses. Is your brick-and-mortar business in danger of becoming just another showroom for aggressive on-line marketers?

 Problems and Opportunities

Where to spend my never-quite-enough time, resources, and money?

Better Marketing, Starting Today

Most companies, large and small, can quickly make their business more relevant and appealing to potential customers by addressing 3 areas:


Along with technical excellence and solid finance, attending to these market-facing factors will assure that customers are waiting, $$$ in hand, when you launch.

Marketing Is More Effective When Targeted to Personality Profiles

A recent study proves that incorporating customers’ personality traits into your market segmentation scheme can improve the effectiveness of your advertising and communications.

POWERBALL’s Marketing Strategy

The POWERBALL multi-state lottery recently doubled the basic ticket price.  Like theirs, your customers’ buying decisions are driven by a thicket of motivations – motivations that are at the same time rational and emotional, occasionally conflicting.  Understanding what’s important to your customer – accounting-wise and in her deep psychology – gives you a better chance of winning the big jackpot in your marketplace.

Not Exactly Marketing, but …

I’m continually amazed by my grandparents’ generation, born in the 1880s and 1890s …

Another Plastics from Bio-Mass Discovery

A new discovery at University of Massachusetts Amherst may someday lead to a practical bio- alternative to one of the world’s largest volume consumer plastics.

Maximize Your Research ROI

Here are 5 Rules of Research Strategy that will assure you get a handsome ROI from your research investment, whether you’re in the lab or studying your marketplace.

Marketing on the Web

 Web Businesses Don’t Need Marketing?

I more than occasionally hear or read that modern web-based commerce makes marketing and brand building irrelevant, even obsolete.   Another opinion …

Fundamentals of Marketing and Sales

Deep down, the fundamentals of marketing and selling are just that – fundamental – regardless of the product or service you’re selling.

Greener Materials and the Markets that Use Them

We hear a lot about concepts like ‘sustainable’, ‘renewable’, ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’, but it’s often not clear what those terms actually mean.

Sunshine, Blue Skies … At Home with Wind and Solar Energy:  Taking the Mystery Out of America’s Energy Options

Four Things You Must Know to Brand Your Way to Success

Your “brand” is the sum of everything that people think, feel, believe and ‘know’ about you, your product and service, and your company

Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Under-staffed and under-resourced?  Some things every business, entrepreneur and startup should be doing to assure that the customers will be there when you open for business …

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