Marketing Is More Effective When Targeted to Personality Profiles

A study recently reviewed in Science Daily (May 21, 2012) offers some critical insights to the marketing community …

“Advertisers spend enormous amounts … to tailor their advertising campaigns to different demographic groups…. Even within a given demographic, many individual differences, such as personality, shape consumer behavior.  A new study … suggests that advertisements can be more effective when they are tailored to the unique personality profiles of potential consumers.”

Corporations have made good use of personality and work style tools – Meyers Briggs Type Index and StrengthFinders, for example – for internal personnel development, and as team effectiveness tools.  At the same time, it’s no secret to experienced marketers that customers’ personality quirks and decision making styles can have a profound impact on the negotiation and buying process.

Business intelligence professionals, such as Marketing Intelligence & Strategy Assoc, can help you uncover the motivations and influences that shape your customers’ buying decisions.  Using this understanding, MI&SA can then help you build a customer segmentation scheme and a marketing and communications strategy which uniquely appeals to the motivations and hot buttons of your preferred customer base.

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