Greener Materials and the Markets that Use Them

We hear a lot about concepts like ‘sustainable’, ‘renewable’, ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’, but it’s often not clear what those terms actually mean.  It is clear, however, that being ‘green’ (or ‘sustainable’ or ‘environmentally friendly’) signifies some notable level of success in one of these areas:

– Renewable raw materials, derived from ‘natural’ (that is, plant or animal) sources

– Biologically-based processes for transforming raw materials (usually from renewable sources) into intermediate or finished products

– Recycle, compost or bio-degrade to minimize products’ end-of-life impact

– Energy efficiency, waste reduction, supply chain management, and operating excellence to reduce cradle-to-grave carbon footprint

American industry has achieved remarkable levels of success in each of these areas, and each is attracting substantial R&D interest, investment, and new business creation.

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