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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Hello, and welcome to, a website and blog devoted to excellence in marketing, marketing research and new business development.

I am Bob Brothers, a creative, forward thinking business development and marketing professional, with a record of accomplishment with global leaders in science driven products for consumer and industrial end users. Building on BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering, I have excelled in market development / new business development / marketing research roles addressing a broad range of science and technology driven products and services, across a variety of end use markets and complex business models.

I led or played key roles on business development teams which created and executed marketing and business strategies to introduce new products, to enter new markets, and to capture additional sales in existing businesses. For example …
– Introducing a new family of engineering polymers into BPA-free housewares and containers, infant care products, medical devices, and similar applications
– Creating a subsidiary to provide business process outsourcing services in the Health, Safety and Environmental compliance area
– Building marketing and manufacturing licensee channels and creating business / marketing plans for new decorative and functional building products
– Developing marketing and business strategies, and managing the sales development team, for a new industrial chemical
– Generating marketing insights and business development strategies to support Coal Gasification Services and Chemicals from Coal ventures
– Rationalizing and reorganizing internal and market-facing plastics recycling operations

I have, in addition, played a substantial role in building global marketing capabilities by creating and rolling out important components of Business & Marketing Excellence and Stage Gate platforms. I enjoyed great success managing, training, and gaining recognition and promotions for new marketing research staff members, and am sought-after as a mentor for young marketing professionals.

I performed a similar spectrum of market research and business development roles in support of subsidiaries and distributors in Latin America.

I earned a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MS in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering from Kansas University.